1904 in Cleveland: local landmarks of interest
January 16th, 2012

1904 in Cleveland: local landmarks of interest

The history of Cleveland’s “Insane Asylum” (a.k.a. Northern Ohio Lunatic Asylum, Newburgh State Hospital, Cleveland Developmental Center, Cleveland State Hospital) is checkered, to say the least. Pictures of the asylum make it a doppelganger of Arkam Asylum in damn near every Batman depiction out there, Gothic spires and all.

I bet they got the same guy to design a bunch of early asylums and and then the lamers all copied him for cheaper. They should have passed SOPA back then so he could sue the fuck out of them. That would have shown those building design stealing bastards who was the smartest architect out there. Then he could slowly buy up the copyrights to all gothic designs. Eventually with enough time and determination, he could have become the de facto owner of the gothic brand. Then, sue the fuck out of anyone who depicted it in motion pictures, like those asshole Warner Brothers.

I have another map (from this year, but artisan nonetheless) that shows a marker for BP’s Deepwater Horizon wreckage. I was a bit disappointed BLIND WITH RAGE it did not show Guantanamo Bay prison though, as Cuba’s South East tip is cropped off. Neither of those seem like ideal landmarks of interest to tourist families and more like the cartographer’s statement of fact in shameful, serifed type. Good, fuck those fuckers.

You can thank the the shitty quality on an iPod camera, even after all this “enhancing” it looks like complete ass.

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