Comics about ADD are…
February 22nd, 2012

Comics about ADD are…

So I got a combination scanner/printer as a gift from some friends over six months ago, and this is the second thing I’ve scanned with it.

The ink is sitting on the desk, four cartridges of it. One of those cartridges is low. I have no idea which one but the machine insists I replace it before it will even consider using any of the other three. The ink cartridges operate as a gang looking out for each other, only when one member gets shot the entire gang implodes in disarray. This is called good business strategy by the people at Epson.

Every time I start searching online for the price of replacement ink I somehow keep ending up on forums about how over-priced printer ink is, and compelling arguments about how the printing cartel is trying to enslave us all in an elaborate ink plot… and I put it off yet another day. You can’t be too careful when it comes to shadow organizations trying to enslave you in the year 2012.

Using the scanner is free though (minus electricity, paper and my time), so there’s probably no excuse.

Except there is always an excuse.

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