September 9th, 2009


This is a an official comic response to the MySQL trademark idiocracy that I read about at reddit. My message to MySQL AB is clear: The gauntlet is thrown down bitches, I took your precious little logo and slapped it on some gigantic cartoon balls, then jizzed all over your wife. Next move is yours (or your lawyers, who can suck my free speech protected balls)

For anyone new here, there’s not a whole shit load of stuff in the archives, but some comment encouragement is sure to make me feel better about myself and the success of this bullshit comic stuff and post more often. UPDATE FROM A WITNESS AFTER THE EPIC BATTLE OF ALEXANDRIA: “Oh sweet Jesus, if only we knew… if only we knew!”

My drawing sucks so bad because it’s with a mouse… trying to get the Genius MousePen to work with Snow Leopard… grrr.

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