Obama’s best-selling book
April 13th, 2011

Obama’s best-selling book


This is an important announcement to confirm that I will roundhouse kick anyone who tries to touch the exquisite and adored genitalia. If I had wanted to choose a life of porn, I wouldn’t start at the airport, I had plenty of opportunity for that kind of thing but it’s not for me. My angry junk will remain covered by an angry fig leaf.

But you know, trying to turn the TSA checkpoints into some kind of pervert and pedophile play land is about a billion times worse. I’m not sure every photo from the pornoscanners doesn’t goes directly to Michael Chertoff’s porn collection — where he’s covertly running the largest pedo image database for all these sicko, though the evidence is abundant.

This nigga (I can say that, my junk is black) in the oval office is truly crazy if he thinks Americans won’t violently rebel to the checkpoint society — as indignation piles upon indignation, a more agitated nation pressed closer than ever together. We may be divided and re-homogenized more efficiently than in the history of all our black asses, but terrism ain’t nothing but a strategy, not an enemy.

As Snoop Dogg famously said, “if you kill a fly, the next day another motherfucking one will be flyin’ around.”

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