Spend Magazine, Inc.
November 21st, 2011

Spend Magazine, Inc.

I made this because of Darryl Perry’s post at Hammer of Truth about the “balanced budget amendment” that’s being bandied about and turns out to be a complete sham (those quotes are because it’s a bullshit name). Why would it be any other way? We’re number one in corruption… USA! USA! USA! USA!

You and I could become politicians and fix all this, but you and I don’t have big corruption money — so that campaign would be lost before it was started.

Funny side note: I had to Google this brand to make sure this magazine was not real or anything… after I made this picture of course. I get a lot of cease and desist lies poured on me sometimes by lawyers. Luckily the only thing that came up is Spin Magazine, which is magazine about public relations or something. I don’t know.

Extra side note: The idea of attribution + tag-along is lost on me, go ahead and think that >:(

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